Farm Home Quilts

from the 20's and 30's



Grandma's Flower Garden

72" x 96"


scalloped edge


stitching detail



Four Square

75" x 75"





Bow Tie

63" x 69"




Embroidered Nursery Rhymes

59" x 79"


Mary Had A Little Lamb


Little Miss Muffet


Jacobs Ladder

A traditional Amish Quilt Pattern

65" x 78"





Red Embroidered (small figures)

76" x 76"




Note: Center upper figure is up-side down
"Only God can be Perfect"


December and the White Bear


Red Embroidered (larger figures)

74" x 77"



lower corner detail


Note: The Red thread embroidery is placed over detailed hand quilting



Old Testament Bible Scenes

77" x 84"





5804 on the Wisconsin Quilt History Project



Southern Belle

74" x 74"


appliqué skirt and hat
with multi-colored thread embroidery



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